Rising Tide Placeholder, 2020. CSS, linear gradient, keyframe animation.
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  • Hi, I’m Yihwan 👋
  • I’m an engineering manager at Curology
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  • ☕️ My (Other) Blog
  • I like working with React, Gatsby, SwiftUI, and LEGO
  • I’m from LA and have lived in SF, NYC, and Seattle
  • I’m currently nomadic
  • I like to read
  • I especially like non-fiction that reads like fiction
  • I game rewards programs, whether it’s for free flights or extra guac
  • I once boarded the wrong flight destined for the wrong continent
  • I’ve been to Hong Kong exactly once
  • It was probably beautiful — I couldn’t really tell because I forgot my contacts at home
  • I’ve developed PTSD from UberConference hold music (back when conference calls were a thing)
  • Let’s be Strava friends
  • I’m a Redux skeptic
  • Bronston v. US (1973) makes for an interesting read
  • Bring back <marquee>, nerds demand
  • I’ve visited or lived in 58% of the countries in South America
  • When I speak Spanish, native Spanish-speakers think I’m Brazilian
  • When I speak Portuguese, Brazilians think I’m Mexican
  • My shameful food pleasure is cheap supermarket ‘sushi’ - the kind with flourescent orange imitation crab, surrounded by a gelatinous gob of ‘rice’
  • I miss Anthony Bourdain
  • I’m wary of La Croix
  • And White Claw is a non-starter, sorry
  • I tolerate Xcode as a necessary evil
  • Am I the only one who prefers light-themed IDEs?
  • I like mango sticky rice
  • Do you like mango sticky rice?
  • You should, it’s great!
  • That’s all for now
  • Visit again soon!
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